In this post about pets wedding photography we are going to discover another of our great passions: animals.

We are lucky to be able to collaborate with Fidelio Association, a local animal shelter and one of their aims is to give refuge and protection to animals, by means of a wonderful session pets wedding photography

Normally we would show you our work through wedding albums, however, we have decided to share these photographs with everyone because they represent love, real, unconditional love. The pictures say it all.

These adorable four-legged friends do not need a wedding or a celebration to love us for a lifetime. We need only look into the eyes of the dogs housed in Fidelio, in Benalmadena, to appreciate the love, friendship and happiness. These same feelings are expressed and shown by couples and their guests in wedding photos.

Clara and Lenny’s Wedding

They met in Benalmádena, Málaga. In this beautiful town on the Costa del Sol, they left a complicated life behind to start a beautiful love story, surrounded by other shelter animlas and their handlers.


At the beginning of this session, both pets were nervous and restless but thanks to Fidelio’s kind collaborators, Clara and Lenny quickly settled , allowing us to capture some very endearing images.

We’ll leave with you the final touches of this special wedding session and invite you to visit our social networks, Facebook and Instagram. to find out more. For information about Fidelio’s work go to: where you may actively collaborate with them if you wish to do so.

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