We are going to review all the trends weddings and help you to achieve your dream wedding photography in 2018. If you are getting married in 2018, then this article about the best wedding in 2018 will be of interest to you.

This year wedding styles will move away from the ornate and traditional to a more youthful , relaxed style without excessive decoration as is often popular among Millenials.

When we talk about a wedding and its details, many things come to mind for consideration such as the venue , the type of event, the favours …However, the wedding dress is always foremost in our minds –

Let’s start with that.

The dress

Hello to simplicity and goodbye to extravagance. Heavy fabrics will be replaced by light silhouettes with lace and floral embroidery and new trends will be seen such as jumpsuits or one pieces , the return of the coat or designs inspired by folk style.

Do you want to add a touch of color? Without a doubt your choice should be blue if you want to break away from the traditional white. Try adding a bow or similar accessory in this shade.

The accessories

If we are looking for that one wedding photography in 2018 that will always be remembered by our friends, the one that stands out above all the others , we cannot forget wear with us the new 2018 accessories that include:

  • Brides with a bag. Yes, you read that correctly. Who said that bags are not for brides? Those presented by Acrata for 2018 are some of the most spectacular designs we have seen.
  • Comfort first. It’s the best day of your life you want to be able to enjoy it , so sneakers, espadrilles or ballet pumps/flats are already common among brides Looking for comfort. By 2018, these bridal shoes collections will be a prevailing trend.
  • Metal free. The trend in wedding jewellery will be ceramic, having moved away from metallic features. Large pieces of jewellery with arty inspiration that bring a touch of color, will take precedence. .
  • Headbands. Simplicity also applies to the hairstyle, giving way to special, fun tiaras for those daring brides with headdresses and flower crowns becoming a thing of the past.
  • Long live diversity! Irregular compositions with a variety of colors and natural flowers prevail in the flower bouquets.


A wedding photographer aims to reflect his/her unique vision and essence in each and every photo book, with couples providing different, personal touches. However, the following are some of the highlights that we expect to see for 2018 weddings.

  • Crockery. Uniform and monochromatic tableware will make way for mismatched, eclectic pieces with a focus on colour and varying shapes and sizes.
  • Glass jars. By adding fairy lights or tea lights, this popular wedding day decorative piece can create the most magical and romantic of ambiances.
  • Floral decoration. A wedding is not just about the floral centerpiece but goes beyond this, to include . the roofs and beams which are also decorated with wild plants and are interwoven with the lighting. .
  • Food Trucks. Candy bars and cocktail corners will become a thing of the past, with sweet and savoury food trucks taking centre stage.


What would a wedding and its photos be without your guests? … In 2018, having a good time will not be enough as guests will want surprising. Therefore, the seating plan should be original and unique and not just simply a name on a slip of paper.

In addition to the celebration, it will become increasingly common to attend a wedding that becomes a true summer outdoor festival. . On the contrary, the ever popular urban weddings that fall somewhere between hipster and indie aesthetically and common with the Millenials, will take leave of the countryside to occupy the most cosmopolitan cities, and fashion will adapt to their style.


The wedding food star of the day, the cake. Bright white icing with fresh fruits as the principal adornment.

We are sure that this article will be very useful for those couples who are finalizing the details of their 2018 wedding celebration We are already looking forward to showing you the first results with wedding the photographs of this year. Do you think these trends will continue?

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