Costa del Sol beach wedding photos

The Costa del Sol owes its name to the sun that illuminates the coast, positioned over the sea, for more hours a day and more days a year than anywhere else in Europe . The fair weather allows us to enjoy sunshine alm ost every day of the year, with the sun hiding behind the clouds very occasionally. Also, the temperature is very stable, neither too cold in winter nor too warm in summer.

Outdoor activities are therefore enjoyed by many and one of the most pleasant places is the beach. For residents and visitors alike, the beautiful settings, surrounding area and easy access to the beach make this a viable option for any budget.

Beach wedding photography shoots

On the beach I have taken many of my best photographs: the sand, the horizon, the rocky coast and tranquil sea are a fantastic setting for wedding photography. It provides an ideal setting for a wedding couple to relax and have fun. All of this can be captured on camera, resulting in a very special wedding photo shoot at a competitive rate.

Jenny, Antonio and the beach

One of my favorite beach wedding shoots was with Jenny and Antonio, a funny young couple, who did a beautiful beach wedding photography on one of the most picturesque beaches of the Costa del Sol in Malaga. The sun, sea breeze and ocean all helping to create wonderful photographic moments. These magical beach photos will be kept in an album that will tell a very special love story.

wedding photography on the rocks of the beach

I must thank Jenny and Antonio for trusting in my services as their wedding photographer,and I wish them all the happiness in the world. I feel sure that they and their close family and friends will enjoy the wedding photo album, especially dedicated to them.

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